April 23 - Avignon

Sunday April 23, 2017

Sunday began with Mass at the Basilica of Notre Dame in Lyons.  A building the locals call the upside down elephant.  It seems to me that I have been way too serious this trip, so for a break for all of us I will feature some of the humorous side of the trip. Maybe I will apply for an internship at the Institute of Clavic Sciences in Lyon which appears to be a school of jokesters. 






The stained glass artisans at St Steven’s in Paris might be graduate students for this piece of historical glass work.  One of these things doesn't belong.






During the French revolution, there was a strong reaction against the church which seemed to the revolutionaries to have sided with the King.  So in church after church we saw many headless statues.  They could be striving to imitate St Denis who had his head cut off in the 5th century.  This didn’t stop this man of faith, however, as he picked up his head and walked several miles before dying.  His statue didn’t lose it’s head like so many other statues have.

We toured the Papal Palace at Avignon today and they had similar problems with heads.  There were, however, many gargoyles who seemed to have made it through both the revolution and the occupation of the Palace by the French Army for 130 or so years.










Even Jesus doesn't escape unscathed, though he tries.  Jesus is in the center top of this photo.






He probably would have preferred to forget this childhood memory:






We are spending the night about two miles east of the palace at a hotel where our bus driver had to back the bus into its parking space about 600 yards weaving its way past two shipping containers, a construction style dumpster, around a corner and past several parked cars. He's number one in our book.



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